This blog is an effort to digitize my dad’s articles that he has written over 35 years on health, environment, food, and travel. Though each post is published by his daughter, the original material is by Bhuwan Mohan Prasad.


Bhuwan Prasad is an engineer by profession and an avid freelance writer with over 1000 pieces of articles published in mainstream newspapers such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, Business Line, Sunday Observer, Deccan Herald, Telegraph, Toronto Star, etc. He extensively writes about the environment, health, food, and travel and this blog is meant to capture the previous publications in digital form for everyone to consume.

He has been practising Yoga and Life Natural for over 30 years. After being afflicted with various acute and chronic diseases and stuttering problems, he had lost a will to live when even most modern medicine couldn’t provide any relief. But then he delved into the principles and techniques that would improve his health and not just treat the diseases symptomatically.

Though, he does not claim to be completely free from diseases but compared to a point when he had lost the will to live, he has improved his health considerably, body resistance gained to a greater degree and do not require external means to keep the body on even kneel.  He has also been helping others regain their health since then.