This man believes in letting nature work its own cures

Bhuwan Mohan meets Sri Swaminathanji who has nursed thousands to health with a little help from nature, and without charging a penny


He has no formal degree in any stream of medical science but, has still successfully been treating patients for the last 40 years. Not only those who are suffering from acute and chronic diseases but also those afflicted with dreaded and degenerative diseases.

He has never taken the Hippocrates Oath which binds a doctor to serve patients selflessly with full devotion, but has been following it in toto nevertheless. Nor does he charge any fee for his services. He could speak no Hindi till the age of 25 but now is a forceful speaker of Hindi, beside Tamil, Sanskrit and English and now edits a magazine published in Hindi and English.

He can give you much wisdom on mother and child care and about ways to run a family with harmony but is a bachelor himself and has never married.

He is a saint who, instead of Rishikesh or Tiruvannamalai has made a crowded place like Delhi his abode to serve humanity. Perhaps you have heard of Sri Swaminathanji, a 68-year-old bachelor, who looks much younger than his years and is commonly referred to as a naturopath.

However, that is now what he would like to be called “since it gives the impression that it is I who is curing the patient. Actually the cure comes from within and nobody, no outside agent, no drug or potion in any form can ever succeed in making one healthy. It is nature and nature alone which helps in regaining health and my duty is only to help people understand the simple laws of nature.”

“All diseases are due to one cause,” he says. “Wrong living in a manner which violates the laws of nature and therefore there is only one treatment” change your ways and swim along with the tides of nature.”

He continues: “In fact, the minor diseases are nature’s way of warning you that your eating and living habits are not correct and you should mend your ways before it is too late. Due to wrong living, foul matter accumulates in the body and the only way is to get rid of it in a sensible manner. But, instead of eradicating the cause of the disease, we fight with the symptoms and resort to drugs and such other methods without changing our ways. These outside agents may give relief for sometime, but the real causes persist.”

“The suppressed diseases cannot remain suppressed for long and erupt again in much more dangerous forms. Still, if we fail to understand nature’s warning and resort to various methods which go against the grains of nature, it reaches a bursting point and the disease turns into degenerative form.”

What Sri Swaminathanji teaches are simple laws of nature – how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, fasting methods, exercises with moderation, interpersonal relations for better living and so on.

What he teaches apply equally to healthy people so that they continue to enjoy the bounties of nature. And in cases of acute diseases, remove the real cause so that the diseases do not go into the seed form to germinate into much more dangerous forms later.

Sri Swaminathanji, a leading nature therapist, sees patients at 10-M, Lajpat Nagar III on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1700 and 2000 hours. The rest of the days he is available at his Laxmibai Nagar residence. Contrary to any speculation that his “clinic” may be equipped with the most modern medical paraphernalia, all he has is clear understanding of the laws of health and disease and some very authentic books. While he has been treating different types of patients, he advises everybody to master the subject – it requires nothing but a few hours of study and reflection over what had been studied, he says.

He is ever ready to clear doubts, if any. In fact, he has been conducting study groups in Delhi and has been travelling from one end of the country to the other for over four decades now, spreading the message of natural hygiene. His patients come from far. Some come for consultations in Delhi and then take advice on the phone.

Swaminathanji is not a professional and does not charge anybody for consultations. “I don’t live on your disease,” he replies if someone tries to pay him. In fact, he warns against professional healers. “They develop a vested interest in the disease and not in its eradication.”

The source of Sri Swaminathanji’s income is the pension which he receives from him government job. He took premature retirement at the age of 52 to devote himself fully to the cause of natural hygiene.

He has written two books on nature cure in Hindi and edits the magazine The Life Natural.

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